Healthy Foods for Your Family

A healthy, balanced diet is made up of:

The USDA MyPlate can help you understand how much you should be eating from each food group.

Limiting foods that have lots of calories, sugar, sodium and fat will also help you eat a healthier diet.

Most of our extra calories come from:

  • food eaten away from home
  • sweet and salty snacks
  • sugar-sweetened drinks
  • large servings of food

Calories from snacks and drinks can cause us to take in more calories than we need, making it hard to reach and stay at a healthy weight. Learn how to choose healthy snacks and healthy drinks.

It’s much easier to eat the right foods when you stock up on the right ingredients. Use these money-saving tips to eat right without breaking the bank, and learn how to reduce the sodium you eat. (PDF)

Download a “6 Ways to Eat Better and Move More” booklet or order free copies here.

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Healthy Apps

Many free or low-cost applications, or “apps,” are available for your computer or mobile phone to help you stick to a healthy eating plan and make better choices while shopping at the grocery store or eating out.

Fooducate lets shoppers scan a product bar code in the grocery store for an instant read on a food’s health value, represented by a letter grade from A to D. Once a food has been scanned and recognized, the app offers healthier alternatives, and can compare two products side-by-side. The app counts not only nutrients, but also if those nutrients were added in processing, which results in a lower score. Sodium, sugar and saturated fats count against a food; fiber and naturally occurring nutrients count in a food’s favor.
Cost: Free
Available for: iPhone, Android; online

This easy and fast calorie counter will help you lose weight, tailoring your diet to your personal preferences. The MyNetDiary Online Community helps you be successful, motivated, and consistent.
Cost: Free online version, paid mobile version
Available for: iPhone, Android, Blackberry; online

Restaurant Nutrition
The Restaurant Nutrition application allows a user to easily view nutritional information about restaurant menus and track what they have eaten. The Restaurant Nutrition user can track calories, carbs, protein, and fat to help track and quantify their dieting progress. Each time a restaurant name appears in the program the map button near it can be touched to open the maps application showing all the nearby restaurant locations.
Cost: Free, paid upgrade
Available for: iPhone, Android

ShopWell is a free food information site that scores products on how well they meet your unique needs. With easy-to-understand nutrition information and customized product scores, ShopWell gives you easy tools to find better products for you and your family.
Cost: Free
Available for: iPhone; online

Locavore helps you to find local, in-season food, pinpoint nearby farmers markets and farms, and discover seasonal recipes.
Cost: Free
Available for: iPhone


“Healthy Bites” Nutrition Television Shows

“Healthy Bites” is a series of nutritional shows aired on Westborough TV, Community Access Television in Westborough, Massachusetts (Public Channel Verizon 24, Charter 11). The show is hosted by Karen White, M.Ed., R.D., L.D., a registered dietician living in Westborough. The show is aired: 

  • Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun – 5:30 PM
  • Mon, Wed, Fri – 10:30 AM

Visit Westborough TV’s website to watch “Healthy Bites” episodes that are currently available.

“Healthy Bites” episodes are now being shown on HUD-TV Hudson Access Television. Typical show times will be:

  • Mondays – 11am
  • Wednesdays – 8pm
  • Saturdays – 9am

Check the schedule to confirm show times.